What I Do

I help YOU — and the members of your team if you have one — get the right things done

Your three biggest problems are typically that:

— you have too much to do

— you have too little time

— you are feeling overwhelmed.

I help you by showing you how you can use Personal Kanban to:

— visualize your work to gain clarity

— limit you work in progress to improve the flow of your work

— learn to really understand your work to start a process of continuous improvement.

The number one result you will typically experience is that you will significantly improve the impact of your work.

You will also experience deeper benefits like:

— feeling more in control.

— reducing your stress levels

— having a better life balance
— finding time to think strategically

— being able to focus on what is really crucial.

Three complementary formulas

I currently offer three complementary formulas of Personal Kanban training and coaching:

To find out more about Personal Kanban, see also the ressources page